Wednesday, November 18, 2009

here's my little studio intro promo for the beginning of my movie, made it while experimenting with after effects tutorials

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Conceptual Graffiti

here's some conceptual graffiti pieces i was practicing adding graffiti to images and most are anti communist slogans and one anti police, just a few examples of the stuff the graffitists of my story would do.

Monday, November 9, 2009

possible title

The choosen idea, and the synopsis treatment and script for it

I went with the idea that grew on me more and more, which is a traditional classic love story with some odd twists and a possible violence fetish involved, but in a cute way.

inspired by my facination with communism and mainly socialism and how they get portrayed in media as evil even though the ideal of everyone equal is the backbone of these, i wanted to do something that echo's 1984 but the society works and the only negative voices are those of bored teens with an in built need to rebel against order and kept some of the negative aspects of a power drunk totalitarian leadership for plot reasons, so it won't always make sense but when does love make sense?

ok onto the written documents, these are the up to date ones:

Idea's for Movie

Going into this year i had one goal to do a piece I'll be proud of, didn't work out that way last year and this is another chance at doing my own little movie, and i had a few idea's, and here they are

1: the script for last years that wasn't used

'Cookie Revolution, or how i learned to chill and trust the ladies', was the story i was doing for my movie last year it was very dialogue heavy and took up a huge chunk of time and then a computer problem corrupted the digital files and i was two weeks away from failing, and some how managed to save my ass in those two weeks, the story was girl scouts taking over the world and demanding female rule as men have fucked it all up. I liked the idea and the script it made people laugh but after last year i decided i wasn't ready to do this one all over again just yet.

2: the trippy one

the story is last man on earth, wanders and finds a huge mirror religious symbols all around it and the reflection of a woman in it, the mirror turns out to be a portal to a acid trip inspired world of spinning spirals and long staircases in mid air, at the top the spirals centre leads to a room with two chairs, and the woman sits waiting for last man on earth, she's god and they chat. Thought this one would be to boring visually and reminded me a little of the matrix

3: the cute one that took an evil turn

had an idea, boy dresses as roman gladiator, and a head injury leads him to think he really is one and chaos follows, started a very small rough story board that made me realise it was becoming a school massacre so decided no on it

4: the musical

this one i nearly did last year been in my head for ages it's a musical comedy about two back alley abortionists in competition with each other, and the chaos and insanity level with just escalate to the big finale that features some truly disturbing imagery.

5: the grower

little sketch that became more and more something i could get into and have alot of fun with symbolism and design work from periods that i'm a fan of, uses elements of things i'm into and hopefully will be told in my voice, a love story in a world without love that blossoms into a desire to break the rules and make a statement.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An idea/project, declaration of intent

figured out what i'm gonna use this for and don't care if no one looks at it except me, this is going to be my journal for the conception and creation of a student animated movie as my final piece for my degree, i'll be very honest about it and lay it out fully on here step by step.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Beginning

Just wanted to put something here, in the future when i figure everything out i'll be putting my art and animations/showreels on here