Sunday, September 30, 2012

Portfolio Colours and Inks

Attended the D.I.C.E. comic con in Dublin and decided to bring my portfolio for the portfolio critique. After being out of practice with a pencil and not wanting to rush something and have it not turn out well decided to put the focus on inking and colours, here's some of what i brought along.

Colour Work
I had trouble finding examples to colour that interested me so decided to scan some black and white comics that I had, first up a page from Punk Rock Jesus, which I consider to be the best comic on the shelves at present, followed by two pages from Nextwave, by Stuart Immonen, and luckyily I have the crayon butchery variant, also one of my favourite series of all time.

Ink Work
For Inks i chose a mix of artists I admire and like the style of and one that looked very traditional in it's execution, these are by Greg Capullo ( been a big fan of Mr. Capullo since Spawn, and his batman is stunning, and posts a lot of pencils/process on his deviantart page), Kenneth Rocafort ( an artist whose style i love, first caught my attention with Madame Mirage) and Ken Lashley (loved how traditional/old school this piece looked, instant classic and iconic with a great layout ).

Sunday, September 16, 2012

DJ Goldy Timeline

A friend was very opposed to changing to timeline so to help them embrace it, I did this cover photo/profile pic combo. And you can catch DJ Goldy saturday nights upstairs at 4 Dame Lane.

Comic Quiz Preview

Some preview screens from the comic book game i was working on, this is how i wanted the final game to look.