Thursday, March 21, 2013

Runaways Ink/Colour

This has been in my fave's on DeviantArt for three years finally got around to inking and colouring it, on my lunch breaks in work, mostly. I'm happy with it, the roughness is due to being A4 and on photocopier paper, usually use bristol but it was just for fun/practice had fun with the coloring of Karolina, the light trail in pastel rainbow shades was a joy to do.

Pencils by Mark A. Robinson link to his blog and link to his DeviantArt

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stoker Poster

First things first Park Chan Wook is one of the best directors around at present in my opinion. His vengeance trilogy is a rare thing in trilogies, it starts well, has an excellent middle chapter, and manages to finish with a visually stunning final chapter, his other movies I've also liked, was a bit hesitant about his english language debut, but after watching 'Stoker' that hesitation is a memory.

So i wanted to make this poster in a Saul Bass style, which i felt was appropriate due to the many nods to Hitchcock throughout the movie, from swinging lights in a cellar to a shower scene to a room with a collection of stuffed birds, it felt right to do this poster as a homage.

Colour Swatches

Got asked how i create colour swatches for photoshop so thought I'd post about it. I keep a folder on my desktop of images I like the colours of, also on instagram and deviant i like/fave images i like the colour scheme of and use them to create the swatches, using the eyedropper tool and clicking into the colour swatch window on the side of photoshop and saving the aco file when happy with the selection. Here's an example of the swatches made from pics from instagram.

And here's a link to download a zip of those colour swatches.