Sunday, January 29, 2012

Domino iPod doodle

Here's a few pics of a redo of a Josh Howard style Domino sketch I'm having fun with adobe ideas and drawing with a stylus/my finger it's like being 5 again. Firstly the final piece and then a montage of it without a background some detail close ups, and some work in progress screenshots.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

rough horse test and ipod doodle

Currently working on an app that might have animated horses in it so here is the very rough flash test to get the frames to see how they will look animated in css.

and another ipod doodle, this is a skottie young style cyclops, i'm still in the adapting stage of getting confortable drawing with a sponge on glass

Thursday, January 19, 2012

ipod doodles

a couple of doodles done on an ipod spiderman and roadrunner, so now i can work on stuff while on the bus:

and also a quick little piece of typography a quote from jean luc godard:

Movie Quiz Graphics

Here's some graphics from a game i worked on, first up is a home screen that didn't make it into the final game, the company already had one designed:

and here's some alternate designs for the end of the game screen done in the style of different movie logo's:

the posters game type was alot of work 200 questions where the posters had to have the title removed from them, the one that i was happiest with is Scindlers list it was a chaellenge to remove the title and leave the image not looking mangled:

and the final two are the keypad i designed to take the place of the default apple one, went for a retro style to it and made it look like a typewriter, here's an ingame screenshot and a WIP of the keypad: